Why Garage Door Repair Is Not A DIY

garage door repair san joseHire a Pro For Garage Door Repairs

Fixing a garage door is not a simple task.  There are many things you must consider before trying to take on a garage door repair.

There are so many moving parts that help operate a properly functioning garage door. It’s like trying to put a puzzle together when having to repair a garage door

It takes someone who is skilled, knowledge and someone who is a professional at repairing garage doors to get your door back on track.  There are far too many risks involved when trying to repair a garage door yourself.  It’s not worth an injury or causing severe harm to the body in order to fix the problems you are having with your garage door.

Injury and Death Related Incidents

There have been several injuries and death related incidents for people who take on the job of repairing a garage door themselves.  According to the Home Safety Council, there are, on average, over 6,000 deaths a year due to falls.  This often occurs in people fixing their own garage doors as they climb on ladders to get to high points.  Severe injuries and even death may occur from people falling from unstable ladders at a high point while fixing their garage.  Be smart and consider having a professional reach those high points for you to fix your broken garage door.

Dangerous Springs On Garage Door

There are typically two types of springs that are installed in a garage door; extension system and torsion system springs.  A torsion spring is most commonly used because it is effective and creates for a smooth ride, but they can often be extremely difficult to maintain and repair because of how dangerous they can be.

When your garage door is shut, the torsion springs are actually wound up really tight to harness the energy it needs to be able to open the garage door on command.  When the door begins to open, the wound up spring releases the energy into the door so it can be lifted off the ground.   The dangerous part is how the torsion spring is wound real tight for most of the time, if you are someone who always has their garage door shut.  If this torsion spring breaks at any point due to malfunctions, you could be in danger as it can snap off and hit you in the blink of an eye.

You don’t want to handle these unpredictable springs when it’s time to repair them.  Have a professional take a look at it so they can use the proper tools to make sure your springs are being repaired correctly and safely.

Making Things Worse

Taking on a DIY garage door repair does not often lead to positive results for those who try to educate themselves on YouTube minutes before the project.  Although YouTube can be very educational, it does not make up for the years of experience of a licensed garage door repairman.  Often times people approach their DIY garage door repairs without even accurately identifying the problem.  This can lead to people using the wrong tools and working on something that may not require any fixing.  When this happens, people usually end up making things worse than before.  Don’t waste your time or take the risk of getting injured for trying to fix something that you are unsure about.  Contact a local garage door profession to help you out.

Using The Wrong Tools

Do you know that working on a garage door requires a specific set of tools?  That’s right, your traditional toolbox can’t even take on the job of a simple garage door repair.

Many people don’t know this, which is why DIY garage door repair projects often go wrong, because they are simply using the wrong tools.  You can have all the knowledge of garage door repairs, but if you are not using the correct tools to fix the problem, then you’ll just end up spinning your wheels.

Having a professional come and inspect your garage door with the right tools will make all the difference in the world.  In the long run, it will be worth spending the money to have your garage door accurately assessed and repaired effectively.


If you need garage door repairs and are thinking about doing it yourself, then think again.  The local team at fivestargaragedoorservice.com will be a perfect fit for any garage door repair

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