Five Signs your Garage Door Needs Maintenance or Repair

When was the last time you took the time to examine and inspect your garage door? That must have got you by surprise, right? The garage door is one of the accessories we use every other day. However, most people rarely care about the condition and performance of this important accessory. In most cases, our attention to our garage doors is drawn only after something happens or goes wrong and the door can no longer function correctly. Like your vehicle, a garage door also needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

It’s recommended to perform inspections on your garage door at least every month to ensure everything is working as it should. Inspecting your garage door will help you identify potential problems and find the right professional to help fix them. Over time, this will save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. So, what are the signs that your garage door needs professional garage door repair or replacement? Read on to learn more.

When the Garage Door cannot Open or Close

You walk to your garage as usual only to realize the door doesn’t open and you cannot get your car out. If the control buttons don’t seem to open the door, that’s a sign that the door needs to be repaired. The door could have malfunctioned or something could be blocking it from closing. There could also be a problem with the door and the control panel. Hiring a licensed garage door professional will help you fix this problem within a couple of hours.

The Garage Door Produces a Lot of Noise

Your garage door could be making noise as a result of worn rollers, damaged motor, or loose hardware. There could also be an issue with the garage door opener. Be sure the noise isn’t coming from your garage door motor. Of course, this type of noise will be smooth and regular. If you hear some wrenching and aggressive noise, it’s time to have the door inspected and repaired.

The garage Door is Uneven or Sags

Lack of proper maintenance is the leading reason for sagging garage doors. If you notice a large gap under the end of your garage door after closing it, there could be a problem with balancing. You may need to disconnect the garage door opener and try operating it manually. It’s recommended to do a balance test to your door every month. If the garage door doesn’t rise or fall after leaving it to rest midway, there’s a problem with some parts of the door especially the tension spring. Find a garage door professional to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Slow Response Time

Well, slow response time could be a minor issue due to remote malfunctioning or dead batteries. However, if the remote and batteries are fine yet the door doesn’t seem to respond to your commands, there could be something wrong with the garage door. That’s when to contact a garage door specialist to come and perform an inspection and fix any issues.

Your Energy Bill is Soaring

The first thing you turn to when you notice increasing energy bills are the HVAC systems. Maybe it’s time you started checking your garage door as well. In most cases, older garage door tends to use a lot of energy. If you have an old garage door, consider installing a more energy efficient one so as to save on your energy bills.

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  1. I didn’t realize that that an older garage door could be the result of high energy bills. I noticed my bills have been higher than usual, but I don’t think my HVAC system is to blame. I’ll have someone come look at my garage door to see if it’s the culprit.

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